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Yeah Right! says: I love my visitors rather than some greedy advertisers.

Business model

If we need some money to operate this site we find a real job.


On Yeah Right! say’s there is no need for an adblocker but we encourage you to use one. We hate those flashy banners, animated banners and stuff like that as much as you do. Specially those tracking dipsticks.


Privacy is yours and we like to keep it that way. But we like to know what pages are visited, or not. And roughly from where. But we don’t care who did. So we just store visits but with 2-bit anonymized IP addresses (like for a, as a matter of fact very inaccurate, global geolocation. We use a self hosted Matomo for all of this. Fuck Google Analytics.


Somehow we get more spam comment per day then real comment per year so we have to use Akismet to manage that. But you don’t have to fill in your e-mail.